Chapter 1 / by Azara Meghie

You can’t carry the weight of someone else because life is heavy

Scary as it may seem you need to follow your own dream

Because thats what life is made for to keep you keen

As I have seen

Not like the people struggling out there,

Thinking life isn’t fair,

That nobody cares, about the place that we share.

Nobody is giving.

Everybody is just living.

Day to Day, Paycheck to Paycheck, Receipt to Receipt.

Listen to your own heartbeat palpitating out of your chest because of the pressure,

From living life without leisure,

Raising the blood pressure due to stress,

For what?!

Because the world is such a mess?!

In my head the world before had no poverty line,

But now there is a struggle we must endure, and that is fine?

The world is mine!

And yours,

And we are all equal.

We are supposed to be the next sequel and chapter in history,

Showing love, peace and harmony,

These feelings aren’t a mystery,

They are very clear and the reason why we are here,

To connect and expand,

Be stewards to this land,

Be kind to the hand,

That created you from sand,

And that is where we shall return,

So don’t think of life as a burden,

Cause we made it. And that’s a gift for certain.